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Annual events in Mississauga ON

Honoring a festival means considering what the event is all about and accepting it as a positive influence in your life. The impact that events have on societies are crucial in a number of distinct ways. Community events commit to keeping the spirit high for local residents within the community and in the case of annual events, they tend to become part of the society with time. Mississauga, ON boasts of being home to a plethora of annual events, some of which are in the form of meetings, parties, conferences, and celebrations.

Mississauga’s Civic Square is home to miscellaneous events, especially during the summer period. The city organizes over 70 free events that attract millions of visitors to the square every year. Some of the festivities include low-key events like Family day, Senior’s day, and Vintage Car event as well as and nationwide events like the Rotary Rib Fest, Canada Day Celebration, Beach Fest and Tree Lighting ceremony. Below is a list of some of the most celebrated annual events in Mississauga city:


In this event, you are required to start your day without breakfast and still do without lunch. However, one can stay hydrated by taking nonalcoholic fluids but the food is avoided the whole day. In the evening, delicious meals are served to mark the end of fasting hours. After signing up, you will be asked to pay a small donation which will be channeled to supporting the Daily Bread charity organization to help feed hungry people in various communities. You can still make donations without doing the fast.

The Dream Never Dies Foundation’s dinner

The foundation is scholarship oriented event which has so far funded over 100 needy local students. The event is held to honor those selected for sponsorship and help appreciate the donors and stakeholders. The Foundation was established in 2003 with a mere $500 as their starting budget. Currently, this foundation which runs in honor of Lloyd Christopher- a local who struggled with his education and then died while in pursuit of his dream career as a pilot and funds over ten students each year. Tickets per individual or a table of 8 are always available for those attending the supper.

Annual Spring Garden Tour

This event includes is always aimed at raising cash for a charitable course. The tour is self-guided but tickets are available online for entrance purposes.
This is just a scope of the many annual events in Mississauga that bring the people together in harmony and love as a community.