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Banks in Mississauga ON

Over the years, banking has become an important part of our lives. Banks offer a safe and secure place to put your money and still access it conveniently whenever you need the cash. And need I say that there are lots of other advantages like interests and positive credit score that come with saving money in a bank? Banks also tend to provide customers with financial help to bail them out of hard situations moneywise or to help them pursue their dreams and careers. With its fast growth especially in the economic sector, Mississauga has become a financial hub dominated by different banking and commercial institutions offering competitive services to their customers. Below are the top Mississauga top banking facilities that you can trust with your hard earned money.

Habib Canadian Bank

For personal or business loans or mortgages, Habib offers the best rates which are even better than what you get in bigger banks in the city. While banking with them, you are sure of growing returns because their rates are at the peak. For loans in regard to personal or commercial development, the bank offers a quick helping hand. Habib has been serving locals in Mississauga for over a decade now and their customer base continues to grow and glow with satisfaction.

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd

DUCA is one of the top-rated banking institutions in Mississauga and is highly regarded for the swift and prompt customer care services. You can open a non-profit account which will be free of any charges or just a personal or business savings account and watch your money grow. Even without prior appointment, the staff DUCA will go out of their way to accommodate you into their busy schedule without compromising on the services. Another thing that DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd has over most local banks is the fact that the bank only closes on Sundays and is, therefore, able to accommodate those customers who work till late on weekdays and have no time to visit the bank. And with the multiple branches in Mississauga ON, DUCA is definitely a place to put your money.


Scotiabank is a well-established banking facility that boasts of having multiple branches within Mississauga and the surrounding areas. The staff is very friendly and will approach you in a very professional manner if you appear stranded and don’t know where to go considering the size of most Scotiabank branches. Additionally, their banking options are very great and competitive.