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Best breakfast restaurants in Brampton ON

Brampton, ON is one of the most developed cities in Canada and a strong economic hub so to speak. With a population of a little below 600,000, the city is home to some of the best restaurants in the Peel region. Below are some of the best breakfast restaurants in the city:

John’s Family Restaurant

Located at 1 Fisherman Drive, John’s Family Restaurant is a laid back breakfast restaurant offering American breakfast fare in a friendly environment. The restaurant has gained a huge local following due to their tasty fresh treats that are specially prepared using locally sourced products. The services offered here are top-notch and the prices are very friendly. John’s Family Restaurant is the perfect place to grab an early breakfast on your way to work if you happen to like or work in the vicinity of Fisherman Square.

Good Egg Dining

This is another top-rated breakfast eatery that boasts of being one of the few local restaurants that serve breakfasts all day long. Although the restaurants serve all three meals, it is their breakfast food that stands out among the rest due to the variety, quality, flexibility, and affordability. Though not a high-end restaurant, Good Egg Dining offers the tastiest dishes in a casual setting. The restaurant opens at 6 am making it perfectly convenient for people who love having their breakfast very early in the morning for different reasons.


This is an elegant joint located at 164 Sandalwood Parkway that is housed in a glass-walled setting. The restaurant has a contemporary vibe which when combined with their extensive breakfast menu, tasty food, and impeccable prices make it one of the best breakfast joints in town. The restaurant is particularly popular for the signature freshly squeezed juice and their services are nothing short of perfect especially knowing you can get your favorite plate of breakfast treats at any time of the day.


Located at 238 Queen St E, Exalta is a perfectly small restaurant that features a home space with elegant furniture. The restaurant offers generous portions for everything they serve and is by far one of the few breakfast joints where you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Other top-rated local restaurants n Brampton, ON are: Stacy Lee’s Family Restaurant, Wimpy’s Diner, Wally’s On Steeles, AJ’s Restaurant, Sunset Grill and Williams Fresh Cafe just to mention a few.