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Best breakfast restaurants in Cambridge, ON

For both locals and tourists alike, breakfast is big-time in Cambridge ON. Nothing beats starting each day with a hearty plate of tasty local breakfast dishes or any other form of breakfast. And what’s even better, you can get all your favorite breakfast dishes at the convenience of your favorite Cambridge breakfast restaurant. If you don’t have a preference yet, below are some suggestions of some of the top-rated breakfast restaurants in Cambridge that you should consider:

Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

Located at 500 Can-Amera Pkwy, Symposium Cafe is an ultramodern restaurant that is known to offer some of the best services in town. The joint is not only fancy in terms of furnishing and decor but the food is always delightful. The great variety of breakfast dishes including some options for vegetarians and vegans makes breakfast at the Symposium Cafe a thing to look forward to. Lastly, the restaurant is always neat and the servers and chefs are very good at what they do. The restaurant offers delivery services too.

Country Girl Family Restaurant

Known for its Canadian classic breakfast dishes and seasonal specials, Country Girl Family Restaurant makes the list of Cambridge’s best breakfast restaurants. As such the restaurant is a high traffic space as many locals and visitors line up to enjoy the tasty professionally prepared breakfast served by the incredibly friendly and polite spoken attendants. The Country Girl restaurant is very cozy and features a spacious and family-friendly sitting area, classic furniture, and contemporary wall decorations. Country Girl Family Restaurant is definitely a go-to breakfast joint and is located at 561 Hespeler Road #15.

Sunset Grill

Despite what the name may suggest, Sunset Grill is a popular breakfast and lunch restaurant located 594 Hespeler Road that runs from 7 am to 3 pm all week. This high-end casual breakfast joint is known for the professional services and delicious meals served by a team of dedicated staff members. The prices at Sunset Grill are downright affordable especially considering the overall quality of services and the comfortable homey atmosphere. The joint is very family friendly, and the vast variety of great breakfast specialties ensures that there is virtually something for everyone. Sunset Grill is simply one of the best in the business.

Other top breakfast restaurants that will make your stay in Cambridge a pleasant experience include Galt View Restaurant, Cambridge Restaurant, Tony’s Family Diner, Toasters Diner, Angel’s Family Restaurant, and Wimpy’s Diner Cambridge among others. These are family-friendly restaurants that offer a great setting for a good morning chat or meet-up over breakfast.