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Best breakfast restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Whether you are a resident or a visitor in Kitchener-Waterloo, it’s worth noting that the city has a lot to offer when it comes to breakfast restaurants for breakfast and brunch. Most of them open from around 6 am in the morning to accommodate the working class people who have to report to work early and some offer all-day breakfast servings. Depending on your preferences when it comes to food type and the restaurant atmosphere, you can get a joint that offers great services, a wide variety of breakfast food options and unbeatable prices. Below are some of the most rhapsodized breakfast restaurants in Kitchener ON:

Korner Kitchen

The Korner Kitchen is a reputable restaurant serving locals with both tasty breakfast and lunch dishes in a laid-back space.  Located at 1595 Victoria St N, the restaurant is open from 6.30 am to 2.30 pm and offers special dishes for vegans and vegetarians including gluten-free free options.  The menu price mainly ranges from $11 to $30 with some of the breakfast specials being tasty omelets, eggs Benedict, pancakes, signature waffles, and wraps. Korner Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants in Kitchener, ON. They offer high-quality services and is perfect for kids/family meals as well as large groups of people. Korner Kitchen is the ultimate spot for great sandwiches and a plate of your favorite home-style American cuisines.

Darlise Cafe

Located at 33 Queen St S A, Darlise Cafe offers is a homey and warm restaurant offering all-day breakfast & lunch with tasty espresso drinks and smoothies being served from 7.00 am to 2.00 pm all week long. The restaurant opens from 7 am to 3 pm including on weekends and has an average menu price of between $12 and $30.  The restaurants offer something for everyone including gluten-free meals, vegan food, and vegetarian-friendly delicacies. The services offered at Darlise Cafe are fast and precise and you are always welcome with a smile and what’s more, the joint is wheelchair accessible and offers ample parking space. This is the ideal breakfast spot for the whole family.

The Belmont Bistro

The famous Belmont Bistro is located at 03 Belmont Ave W and is popularly known for its upscale-appearance as highlighted by the beautiful interior lighting, and a table arrangement that gives it the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant offers all kinds of breakfast dishes and is always open from around 9 am.

Other notable breakfast restaurants in the city of Kitchener-Waterloo include Cafe Pyrus, Country Boy Family Restaurant, Mel’s Diner, Old King Bistro, Checkerboard Restaurant, and last but not least, The Yeti Cafe.