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Best breakfast restaurants in Mississauga, ON

Mississauga On is a dynamic city that has a lot to offer in terms of attractions and outdoor activities for both locals and tourists. With its beautiful shoreline and a sparkling skyline at night, Mississauga has become one of the most loved tourist destinations in Canada. The city is also home to a thriving restaurant industry featuring high-end eating joints all over the city. Below are some of Mississauga’s top-rated breakfast restaurants:

Cora Breakfast and Lunch

Though considered to be a little on the upper end in terms of prices, Cora’s restaurant is definitely one of the best joints in the city. Their menu features a lot of unique breakfast options including special dishes for vegetarians and vegans. The restaurant is also considered a meat loversí paradise and every serve comes with a bowl of fruits. The quality of service is impeccable and the sitting arrangement is both cozy and ideal for small groups. Cora Breakfast and Lunch opens from 6:00 am all week long has multiple branches within the city.

Skyway Jack’s Breakfast & Lunch

Skyway Jack’s, located at 6461 Mississauga Road, is a small family style breakfast joint that serves all breakfast dishes throughout the day. The menu features great breakfast dishes for everyone and the prices are surprisingly low considering the quality of food and services. The sitting arrangement features small booths and is great for family breakfasts and small meetings over a cup of coffee.

Bobby’s Hideaway

For generous servings of local Canadian breakfast dishes and super-fast services, Bobby’s Hideaway is the place. This family-friendly restaurant is known for its short wait time, tasty dishes and most importantly, commendable attendants. The sitting area is quite spacious and offers a great outdoor view.

Sunset Grill restaurants

Despite what the name may suggest, Sunset Grill restaurants are some of the most loved breakfast restaurants within the city. This eatery has several branches on different locations that offer the same high-quality food and services. Sunset Grill boasts of great prices and ease of access from the multiple locations within Mississauga City.
Other notable restaurants that serve heavy breakfast dishes and offer great prices and services include Panagio’s All Day Grill which is located at 6085 Credit view Road, Eggs mart dixie located at 5170 Dixie Road, Orchard Family Restaurant on Hurontario Street, and last but not least, Breakfast ING Restaurant on Credit view Road. You cannot get it wrong with these Mississauga based breakfast joints.