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Best dinner restaurants in Brantford ON

Different people have different views when it comes to choosing a dinner restaurant. To some, the ideal dinner restaurant means enjoying their meal in a cozy and contemporary high-end restaurant that brims with ambiance and beautiful aromas of freshly prepared dishes while others think of it as an opportunity to explore the various cuisines available to them in different settings.

Whatever your preferences are, Brantford On has it all. From small walk-in joints adorned with rustic decor and great lighting all the way to the more to the much raved about reservation-type restaurants. It is worth noting that despite the huge class and price difference in these restaurants, they all offer authentic and professionally prepared popular cuisine from around the world with the only notable difference being the type and quality of services. Below are some of Brantford’s top-rated dinner restaurants:

Zanders Fire Grill and Brew Lounge

Located at 190 King George Road, Zanders’ is a top-of-the-line restaurant in terms of food quality and services. The restaurant features a country-type of decor with beautiful guitar and Motorcycles chandeliers adorning this magnificent joint which features beautiful pub plates, alfresco dining, and live music. Zanders Fire Grill operates from around midday till late into the night and serves a wide variety of foods which includes gluten-free dishes and options for vegans and vegetarians. Other additional perks include free Wi-Fi, a spacious sitting area, and a wide variety of drinks including beers. If you are a person who demands promptness and attention in a restaurant, this is definitely your joint.

Sociable Kitchen + Tavern

Though not much of a family friendly joint especially when kids are involved, the Sociable Kitchen & Tavern is another top dinner restaurant in Brantford that is located at 45 King George Road.  The joint serves a wide selection of Pub-dishes and craft beers in a funky well lit space. With cuisines from all over the world specially prepared using local ingredients, this joint offer some of the tastiest dinner dishes you’ll ever come across. Get hold of their menu and you are sure to come across some tasty dishes like their famous Mongolian Fried Chicken sandwich and power bowls among other things. This is definitely a joint you don’t want to pass by.

The Olde School Restaurant

Last but not least, The Olde School Restaurant located at 687 Power line Road is an upscale joint and piano bar that specializes in serving seafood, steaks, and pastas in a transformed century-old schoolhouse. The restaurant offers prompt services and tasty dishes and the attendants are very friendly and sociable.