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Best dinner restaurants in London ON

There is a wide variety of unique attractions in London On that are guaranteed to keep you occupied and enjoying yourself all day long. There are plenty of great dinner restaurants in the city which blend in with the popular student nightlife to make London a spectacle. These restaurants offer great local and international cuisines to accommodate people of all cultural backgrounds and origins. For an unforgettable dinner dining experience for you and your loved ones, check out these London based restaurants:

The Springs Restaurant

Located at 310 Springbank Drive, this contemporary joint serves popular local fare and drinks including wine and beers. The sitting area is spacious and well decorated. The bistro also features alfresco dining with great music. The attendants are very polite and friendly and the quality of food is simply outstanding. The restaurant prides itself in promoting local farmers by using seasonal produces from local farmers. Lastly, the prices are somewhat on the higher end and the restaurant is wheelchair friendly.


If you have a thing for Italian food, head out to Abruzzi at 119 King Street for a taste of the best Italian and local dishes in a contemporary well and lit environment. The classy furniture and overhead chandeliers give the restaurant a homey atmosphere which is very ideal for family dinners. The owner o the hotel is very friendly and hospitable and is always around to make sure everyone is comfortable and satisfied.

Addis Ababa Restaurant

If you are looking for something unique, the locally popular Addis Ababa Restaurant located at 465 Dundas Street is where you need to go. This classic joint features modern decor and Ethiopian cuisine at its best. There is also a long list of wines to choose and the staff is very friendly and efficient, to say the least. The walls and other parts of the restaurant are covered in authentic Ethiopian collectibles and decoration pieces and you’ll most definitely find yourself admiring this classic piece of art that is Addis Ababa Restaurant.

The Works

Located at 145 King Street, The Works is definitely a top class dinner joint that combines great food, quality services and above all, comfy sitting areas. The restaurant offers the best burgers in town including a meatless option for vegetarians and vegans. Their services are on point and the beer selection is just awesome.

Others top dinner joints that you should try include The Tasting Room, Shmokey’s BBQ, Plant Matter Kitchen, and Blackfriars Bistro And Catering among others.