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Best Lunch restaurant in Mississauga ON

Mississauga, just like most other parts of Canada, have in the past few years become a hot spot for immigrants from different parts of the world, bringing in an air of diversity in terms of culture and business. This has also led to the growth of an international restaurant industry which features different cuisines from various parts of the world as well as traditional Canadian dishes among other local foods. Below is an overview of some of Mississauga’s top-rated lunch restaurants:

Masala Bites

Virtually one of the top high traffic restaurants in the city, Masala Bites offers the best Indian dishes in town, including their unique Indian buffet which has gained an unbeatable reputation in the recent past. Their prices are pocket-friendly and there is always slow rhythmic music playing in the background. The only discouraging thing is the small sitting area which, considering its reputation means the restaurant is always full most of the times. However, the restaurant offers takeout and great discounts for cash payments.

Union Social Eatery

The Union Social Eatery is another high traffic restaurant in City of Mississauga which is not only famous for the spacious family friendly sitting space but also for its cleanliness and the family-style dining atmosphere. The restaurant features many lunch dishes and a bar and the attendants are very friendly and responsive. The prices are friendly and the menu is electric.

Peter’s On Eglinton Restaurant

Peter’s is another unique restaurant that features large tables enough for small to medium-sized families or groups of people. The restaurant features international cuisines including most American and Greek dishes. The walls feature old-school decor and the attendants are very friendly. Peter’s restaurant strictly specializes on serving lunch and opens just before midday and closes just before dinner hours.

Twin Fish

Twin Fish is a contemporary diner that features spacious sitting arrangements and minimalist decor in a bright well-lit space. Their main specialty is Thai Cuisine which is mainly made-to-order. The prices are great and they offer takeout but no deliveries.
Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar
Last on the least is Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & Bar, a classic Italian hotel that serves classic Italian dishes all week in a spacious and well-decorated space. They offer great dishes for vegans and vegetarians and the prices are standard if not cheap. On Saturdays, the fun is turned a notch higher with great live music from a DJ.