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Best lunch restaurants in Brampton ON

Brampton On has a fast-growing restaurant industry that is driven by the ever-rising population. These restaurants tend to differ greatly in terms of class, food offered, prices, and meal specialization.  Below are the most loved lunch restaurants in the city and what they have to offer:

Tandoori Flame Brampton

This is a modern ethnic Indian restaurant that serves spicy Indian inspired lunch dishes in a cozy setting. Unlike most local restaurants, Tandoori Flame Brampton offers self-serve-type of dining and there is plenty of seating area and a wide variety of foods in the menu for both non-vegetarian and vegetarians. Their services are quick and their prices are very friendly. If you are a fun of exotic Indian cuisine or the classic tandoori kebabs, this is your spot.

Aria Bistro and Lounge

If you love dining in a rustic American setting with a hint of modernity, Aria Bistro and Lounge will definitely appeal to you. This classic restaurant offers a wide variety of lunch food option on their menu and their services are impeccable. The restaurant has gained a lot of popularity as a perfect place to hold group dinners, events, parties, and celebrations. They have a nice fireplace and private rooms and their menu features a long list of American fare and a few local dishes. Due to the restaurant’s popularity, it’s always advisable to book a table beforehand and avoid the disappointment of walking into a full room.

Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

If you love Italian cuisine, Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar is a locally renowned restaurant offering a variety of Italian cuisine including pasta, specially prepared pizzas, and an extensive wine list. The restaurant offers great services and their seating arrangement is very family-friendly and is also perfect for lunch dates.

J.Red & Co

Situated in Vodden Place, J. Red & Co is an ultramodern tavern-like restaurant adorned with splashy modern decor. The restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty delicacies including their specially prepared pizzas and signature hamburgers. J. Red & Co also accepts reservations especially for special events, ceremonies, and celebrations. The restaurants operate on a rather awkward schedule where lunch is served strictly on weekends while dinner is served on weekdays between Monday and Thursday.

Other restaurants that serve tasty lunch dishes in the city are: John’s Family Restaurant, Sushi House Japanese Restaurant, Sonny’s Drive-In, Toshi Japanese Restaurant and Shawarma Queen.