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Best lunch restaurants in Cambridge ON

Your visit to Cambridge, ON should be as thrilling as visiting any big city especially when it comes to dining. In Cambridge Ontario, it’s possible to get an affordable restaurant on every street where you can enjoy all the best tastes from the city and beyond. The city has plenty of hotels that particularly specialize in preparing top-notch dishes which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of cooking in your hotel room when you can order or walk down the street to the nearest restaurant and eat a decent meal for just a few dollars. Below are some of Cambridge’s best lunch restaurants:

Latinoamerica Unida

Located at 8 Concession St #101, Latinoamerica Unida is a family run Mexican food joint that offers fresh authentic Mexican dishes in a small but cozy space. The owner is very hospitable and friendly, the services are super-fast and the prices are great. They also offer take outs but no deliveries and the restaurant is wheelchair friendly. If tasty Mexican lunch is your thing, don’t miss out on Latinoamerica Unida which is always open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.

Cambridge Mill

Cambridge Mill restaurant is one of the few locals restaurants located directly along the river, offering an undisputed view of the aggressively flowing water. The restaurant, just like the name suggests, is housed in a modernized 19th-century mill which gives it a rusting but elegant and appealing feel. The decor is great and the sitting. The menu here offers a wide variety of options especially for lunch and the food is always prepared to perfection. This combined with the friendly services and great prices makes Cambridge Mill an unforgettable treat.

Q BBQ Public House

If BBQ is your thing, head out to Q BBQ at 164 Beverly Street Metro and enjoy a menu featuring great appetizers, a good selection of BBQ options and an open bar. The restaurant runs from 11 am to 11 pm all week and is very popular among both the sophisticated high-end clientele and the normal folk throughout the city thanks to its contemporary style and affordable prices.

Saffron Indian Cuisine

If you are craving Indian food, Saffron Indian Cuisine at 605 Hespeler Road is the perfect place to go. Known for its tasty cuisine and authentic spices, the restaurant features a cozy interior space with great decor and modern furniture. The services and prices are equally good.