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Coffee shops in Brantford ON

Brantford, ON has a growing reputation for coffee drinking which has led to a notable increase in the number of coffee shops and restaurants serving coffee within the city.  As such,  the city is home to top coffee sellers including the likes of Starbucks, Inc. There are several reasons why the coffee scene in City of Brantford is thriving. Among those reasons include the high percentage of students, self-employed people, and musicians in the city. Another reason is the fact that coffee is and has always been a popular drink in Ontario and the rest of the world so to speak. Below are the Brantford’s’ top coffee shops:

Blue Dog Coffee Roasters

This is one of the city’s most loved coffee shops featuring live music and tasty coffee flavors. It features great seating arrangements to accommodate families or a group of people looking for a perfect place to catch up or hold a short meeting over a cup of coffee. Blue Dog Coffee Roasters has been open for a few years and maintains its reputation as one of the best coffee joints in the City. The Blue Dog is located at 199 Brant Avenue and opens from around 7 am till 5 pm and features great prices and friendly staff.

Coffee Culture Café & Eatery

The locally adored Coffee Culture Café & Eatery is located at 75 Dalhousie Street featuring a wide variety of tasty coffees served along with a plethora of other specialty drinks and some home-baked goodies. The coffee house is located a rustic, well-lit coffee and the prices are very family friendly. With their great prices and authentic coffee, Coffee Culture Café & Eatery is a perfect place for breakfast or impromptu coffee refills.


Starbucks is also one of the top coffee sellers in the city of Brantford, ON, just like it is in many other places. This joint features a great sitting area, a vast variety of coffee and free WIFI. Though this chain coffee house has several branches in the city, the main ones are located at 320 Colborne St W #15 and 595 West Street respectively. A Starbucks cafe is the best place to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while talking to a friend or doing some office work or finishing off your homework. You can bring your laptop and enjoy the free internet connection.

Other major coffee shops include Cafe Andreou, Tim Hortons (multiple branches), McDonald’s, Revolution Coffee Company and Williams Fresh Cafe among others