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Coffee shops in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Coffee shops in City of Kitchener ON city provide the locals with comfy places to hang out and enjoy free WI-FI while enjoying their favorite coffee drinks. Below are some of the most loved coffee bars and coffee joints selling the tastiest coffee varieties in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON! They are as follows:

Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters

This is a small but excellent seasonal coffee roaster joint that people adore so much. Located at 100 Ahrens Street, Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters ensures quality and aims at no loss of flavor while roasting their coffee. The coffee is roasted in different batches making it easy to restore its natural flavor. They have different varieties of coffee all served at a pocket-friendly price. They open from 6:30 am to 10 pm. They have a variety of seating and an awesome atmosphere suiting all your needs. The place is neatly arranged and always clean.

Cafe Pyrus

This is a laid back coffee shop located at 16 Charles Street. They offer perfectly sourced coffee and vegan light bites. Their menu is created with health in mind. They open from 8 am to 8 pm on a daily basis. The attendants are always lovely and welcoming and take the shortest time to deliver your orders. They have a contemporary setting and the interior decor gives the place a cozy atmosphere. The parking is excellent and security is tight.

Death Valley’s Little Brother

At 84 King Street stands a modern cafe by the name Death Valley’s Little Brother. This cafe opens from around 8 am to 10 pm daily. They have a perfect selection of coffee and they all come in generous portions and at a pocket-friendly price. The ambiance here is cool and the staff is always clean and attentive. Their warm welcoming tone is excellent to cheer you up. Their coffee is well ground and with an authentic natural taste. They have a large selection of herbal drinks and most of their coffee can be iced. Their baked products are perfectly made to accompany the coffee. Despite the scary name, this joint is a good place to sit while chatting, studying or even working.

Seven Shores

This is a jointly-owned coffee cafe located at 10 Regina Street. They have perfect coffee and well baked simple bites. The service here is very quick and the atmosphere is comfortable. The place is well organized and spacious and is rarely congested. The place is a whole family coffee spot as they also have a corner where kids can play after coffee. This is a good spot to work with your laptop because of the comfy tables and Free WI-FI.