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Daycares in London ON

We are all living in a difficult era economically. City of London ON for one has experienced harsh economic times in the recent past which have led to the closure of several manufacturing industries. With such an economy, everybody needs to work and bring something to the table and that includes parents with infant babies. As hard and harsh as this might seem, local daycares are here to help you with your parenting role so that you can get back to your day or evening job as soon as you’re fit enough. These facilities are run under strict laws and guidelines to make sure all the kids are safe and secure in the absence of their parent. If you are wondering which London-based daycare best suits your child’s needs, here is a list of the most reputable daycares in town:

London Bridge

London Bridge daycare is located at 89 Elmwood Avenue East and is operational on weekdays only.  This is literally one of the smallest child care center which also happens to be the oldest within Ontario. The facility dates back to the 1920s, an era that the men go to war and the women were left to work and care for the kids. Since the women could not do the two tasks, a daycare,  London Bridge, was established to help them take care of the kids while they were working. Today, almost 90 years later, the facility continues to offer quality childcare services and rich modern learning experiences. London Bridge enrolls children of up to a maximum of 5 years. London Bridge has over four other daycare branches within the city all dedicated to offering the best of services to the locals.

Kidzone Day Care Centre

This is another well-established childcare center which boasts of being among the most-reputable daycares in the city. The facility was established in the late 1980s and has since grown from an initial capacity of 35 children to 61 children. At its new location on Hyde Park Road, Kidzone Day Care Centre offers an exceptional program which made possible by a group of twelve dedicated Early Childhood Educators.

Kids & Company

Located at 1480 Richmond Street, Kids & Company is a great place where small kids are provided with an environment where the can grow innovatively. The curriculum is meant to help the children interact and socialize through experiences that help enhance language, music, literacy, art, and movement.

Other notable names include YMCA Child Care, Rick Hansen Children’s Centre, Pond Mills Children’s Centre and Rick Hansen Children’s Centre among others.