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Daycares in Mississauga ON

Despite the fact that Mississauga, ON is one of the most economically stable cities in Canada, most of the people lie within the working class group and have to wake up every morning and go to work in order to maintain their livelihood and support their families. Kids come as a blessing in our lives, but in some cases, they tend to interfere with our careers and work life if we don’t handle the situation the right way. Daycares in Mississauga can go a long way in helping you raise your kid(s) in a familiar and homey environment where they are well cared for while you continue pursuing your career. Below are some of the top-rated daycares centers in the City of Mississauga Ontario:

Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Center Inc.

Located at 5329 Ninth Line, this fine establishment is by far one of the best child care facilities in the City. The center offers infant care, toddler and kindergarten programs. The staff is very friendly and caring and takes care of the kinds with the love and passion of a parent. The food offered here is healthy and verified and there is an outdoor play area fully equipped with the latest kids play equipment.
The environment offered at Lullaboo not only helps your child develop in a healthy environment but also helps you as a parent to comfortably ease back into your work with no worries. The Lullaboo childcare center has a second branch within Mississauga which is located at 5510 Mavis Road. The second branch is somewhat larger and more advanced and
accommodates more kids.

Hakuna Matata Child Care Centre Inc.

Situated at 6549 Mississauga Road, Hakuna Matata is another top-rated child care center in Mississauga that features contemporary playing and learning facilities for toddlers and older kids. The center also offers advanced child care facilities to accommodate infants and the staff and teachers create a homey feeling around the kids to help them grow with the motherly love they deserve. The director of Hakuna Matata Child Care Centre is probably one of the best parents a kid can wish for and this helps a lot not only in running the facility but also in giving you the reassurance you need to move on with your daily routines.

Bright Horizons at Meadowvale

Last on the list is Bright Horizons at Meadowvale, a state-of-the-art child care facility designed to bring the best out of your child and promote child growth and development socially, physically and intellectually in an environment designed with these aspects in mind. Bright Horizons is located at 7030 Royal Bank Drive.