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Demographics in Brampton ON

As the heart of the Peel Region and part of the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe area, Brampton is a truly magnificent city with a lot to offer. City of Brampton ON is popular for its flowers farming culture and numerous greenhouses which are currently regarded as a great part of the past and up to some point it’s present. Despite Toronto being the largest and most developed cities in the central region, more and more people keep moving into the nearby Brampton city with each census recording a double-digit population growth.

Brampton stretches over an area totaling 266 km2 with an estimated population density of 2200 people in every square kilometer. Between 2011 and 2016, the city had recorded a population growth of 13.3% with the actual population rising from 523,906 to 593,638. This is a relatively high growth rate compared to the remaining parts of Ontario which have a population growth rate of a little over 4.5% within the same time span. Female residents in Brampton outnumber their male counterparts with the ratio percentage being 52% versus 48%.

When it comes to the age and distribution, Brampton has a median age of 33.7 with the males at having the lowest average at 33.8 while the females average at 35.3. This makes Brampton home to the youngest population in the entire Greater Toronto Area. The age distribution data show that 20.3% of the population falls below 15 years of age with 68.6% of the population falling between 15 and 64 years. The remaining 11.2% accounts for the old people between 65 and 84 years of age with a final 1% being for a few people aged 85 years old.

Although around 50% of Brampton’s population has a Christian background, the city is home to a large Sikh population which is categorized as the second largest in Canada. The leading denomination is obviously Catholicism at 26.0% which explains the many catholic run schools in the city. This is followed by a plethora of Protestant denominations like the United Church, Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed Church, and Baptist church but not necessarily in that order. Other notable religions are the previously mentioned Sikhism at 18.8 percent, Hinduism at 12.1 percent and Islam at 7.1 percent. Additionally, approximately 10 percent of the city’s population is not affiliated to any religion.

Brampton is considered one of the most livable cities to its many friendly features including proximity to facilities such as international airports, great road infrastructure, affordability of property and the relatively low cost of living, and most importantly, a friendly corporate tax structure.