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Demographics in Brantford ON

Brantford, one of Ontario’s fastest developing cities, is a scenic metropolis that boasts of diverse cultural background, numerous attractions, and great people. It has emerged as one of the fastest growing metropolises both within the province and Canada at large. Located on Ontario’s southwestern section, the city lies on both sides and despite being completely encircled by Brant County; it has a completely independent municipal government from that does not rely on that of the county.

The City’s population is around 98,000 residents, as a fast-growing figure as recorded in the last census. Since its inception, City of Brantford Ontario has recorded a population increase of at least 2% in every census with some intervals having an increase of 50% or above. The city lies within the popular affluent Golden horseshoe.

Considered one of the distant bedroom communities of Toronto, the city offers all the perks that come with living in a big city but its atmosphere remains calm and laid back. Brantford’s fast growth and economic stability can be attributed to its ever-growing downtown core as well the well-established eco-tourism industry. And speaking of tourism, Brantford is home to some of the best hotels in the provinces designated to accommodate both local and international tourists as well as business persons looking to get some work done while enjoying the blissfulness of a new location.

Despite the much talked about cultural diversity, Brantford is a predominantly community with over around 85 percent of the city’s total population being made up of White people with the second highest percentage coming at 4.6 percent and representing the First Nations people from the Aboriginal group. In terms of age groups, the city has an almost even number of Old and young residents with the latter being just a little higher. The city is said to have the largest group of Status Indians outside the famous Indian reserve but within Southern Ontario.

Brantford’s downtown core features a wide selection of great businesses, shopping areas, restaurants and other facilities including several multi-million companies. The fast growth is associated with its well-established transportation system and its proximity to bigger cities like Toronto.

Though considered by many as a designated residential community for Toronto, Brantford has a thriving economy thanks to the many businesses and the flourishing eco-tourism industry that keeps growing with each day. The city also has a thriving real estate industry which is driven by its laid back natures and the affordability of homes and cost of living in the area.