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Elementary schools in Brampton ON

Looking for an elementary school in City of Brampton Ontario, ON is quite a simple task since all you have to do is a make a list of the top-rated schools than choose one that appeals to you with respect to its features, academic performance, discipline, amenities and mode of teaching. Below are some of the top-rated elementary schools in the city:

Cherrytree Public School

This is one of the leading public elementary schools in Brampton in terms of academic performances and infrastructural development. The school enrolls children between kindergarten and 5th grade and has a student population of a little below the 500. The school has a comprehensive curriculum that offers plenty of extracurricular activities to help the children develop physically in addition to the gaining knowledge and wisdom from the class-related learning.

Al-Ameen Elementary School

This is a well-established Islamic faith-based elementary school in the city that is dedicated to serving the local Muslim community by providing quality education, comprehensive Islamic, Qur’an, and Arabic studies, and a wide selection of fun extra-curricular activities. The school enrolls students from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade and has a student population of almost 100 students. Al-Ameen Elementary School is located at 389 Main Street North.

Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School

This is another faith-based elementary school in the city that is run by the local catholic diocese through St. Patrick’s Church. As a Christian based school, the Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary features a very competitive curriculum with lots of Christian teachings and more. Enrollment is for students between kindergarten to 8th grade and school’s performances in academics within the Peel region are simply incredible. The teachers and support staff make it their responsibility to bring forth disciplined graduates who are ready for more life in more advanced learning institutions. Holy Spirit Catholic Elementary School is located at 25 Bloomsbury Avenue and definitely one of the go-to elementary schools.

St. Joachim Elementary School

Located at 435 Rutherford Road North, St. Joachim Elementary School is yet another catholic-run elementary school in the city that offers a reliable and conducive environment for kids to learn and grow both in the education area and in faith. The school has around 500 enrolled students between kindergarten and 8th grade.

Other popular elementary schools in the city include St. Mary Elementary School, St. Monica Elementary School, Saint Leonard Separate School, and St. Josephine Bakhita Catholic Elementary School among others.