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Elementary schools in Brantford ON

Say what you want but education is one of the most important aspects of our time and an indispensable one at that. As such, the need for reliable educational establishments has grown increased remarkably all over the world and the beautiful Town of Brantford, Ontario has not been left behind. The city is home to some of Ontario’s top performing educational institutions both within the public and private sector. Below is an overview of some of the City’s top-rated elementary schools:

Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School

Notre Dame Elementary School is a Catholic run institution which prides itself in being one of the best elementary schools in town especially when it comes to discipline, academic performances, and infrastructural development. The establishment is located at 238 Brantwood Park Road within the beautiful city of Brantford in a spacious and laid-back location that is very conducive when it comes to the learning process. The school boasts of combining regular school lessons with Christian-based teachings to help instill discipline and knowledge into the students in a bid to produce graduates who not only wise but also morally upright. The school features modern learning and recreational facilities and a spacious outdoor field and all the staff members are very dedicated to their work.

James Hillier Public School

On the public school sector, James Hillier Public School is one of the top-rated elementary school establishments in town. This institution which is located at  62 Queensway Drive offers a complete and competitive elementary curriculum and is dedicated to producing self-reliant high school-ready graduates. The school’s playgrounds are neat and well maintained and the other facilities are somewhat old but well maintained too. James Hillier School ranks among the top schools in the elementary level not only in Brantford but also within the entire Ontario region.

Walter Gretzky Elementary School

Also within Brantford city is the famous Walter Gretzky Elementary School on Blackburn Drive. This fabulous institution enrolls hundreds of students every year and is probably one of the largest elementary school in the city. The school’s faculty is very passionate about their work and the teachers are very loving and caring. The school’s curriculum features a competitive mix of both educational and extracurricular activities to help the kids grow socially, physically and mentally.

Other top local elementary schools include St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School, Grandview Public School Brantford, Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School and Bellview Public School among others.