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Elementary schools in Cambridge ON

Cambridge, ON is popular for so many of reasons with the main ones being the great local attractions, culture and rich history. The city also has some notable educational institutions ranging all the way from daycares and pre-kindergarten to collegiate high schools and colleges. Apart from the fun stuff like kids’ theatres, and playgrounds, City of Cambridge Ontario also offers the little ones great learning fun in the form of exceptional elementary schools in a bid to prepare them for the life ahead. Some of the most loved elementary schools in Cambridge, ON are listed below.

Saginaw Public School

The locally famed Saginaw Public School is by far the city’s most prominent school with an elementary section that appeals to many students and parents. Located at 740 Saginaw Parkway, this esteemed school features a team of very caring teachers and staff members. The kids have access to modern play equipment and learning facilities and the school location is very conducive if not perfect for learning. Saginaw Public School is dedicated to offering quality education to all its students and has a large population of students from all walks of life.

Springdale Elementary School

Another top-performing elementary school in Cambridge, ON is the Ryerson Public School located at 749 Grand Valley Drive. With its great teaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and a learning-friendly location, Springdale Elementary School is one of Cambridge’s best educational institutes.

Chalmers Street Public School

Located in Cambridge at 35 Chalmers Street South, is the coveted Chalmers Street Public School which is famous for its excellent learning environment, experienced teaching staff and great facilities. The teachers go out of their way to ensure all students are okay and performing to their level best in all spheres of school life.

Elgin Street Public School

Elgin Street elementary is a well-organized public school in Cambridge with professional staff and teachers and a serene learning setting. The principal is also very kind and professional and is devoted to ensuring all the students in the school receive quality education and life skills.

Hespeler Public School

Located at 300 Winston Boulevard is the classy Hespeler Public School, an institution considered to be one of the best in the Cambridge city and the surrounding areas. The School’s faculty and staff members in Hespeler Public School are known for their dedication in preparing the students for advanced educational institutions and the job market thereafter. The students here are quite disciplined and their learning programs are strategically planned and executed in order to produce optimum success.