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Elementary schools in London ON

Since its inception, City of London Ontario has experienced a lot of growth and development in different sectors with the most notable areas being the infrastructure, economy, tourism, and technology. The education sector has also undergone its own share of development with some of the local schools being ranked as top performers nationwide. There are plenty of schools within the city, both public and private, that range from pre-elementary to tertiary level. The local elementary schools in London are some of the most valued school establishments that are a city as they play an important role in molding our children to become the people they are meant to be. Below are some of the city’s top-rated elementary schools that are considered by many as the best of the best.

Infinity School (an Acton Academy)

Located at 115 Askin Street, Infinity School is one of the leading elementary schools dedicated to helping young mind grow and learn in a safe space where making mistakes and asking questions is just but part of the process. The kids are taught to work and learn as a group for maximum productivity through teamwork. The teachers are very passionate about what they do and this goes a long way in helping the students gather the confidence and belief needed to make a difference in the future.

University Heights P.S.

Located at 27 Ford Crescent, University Heights is another top-rated elementary school that is popular for the great academic performance, great teachers and staff as well as the high discipline among the students.

Knollwood Park Public School

Probably the highest performing public elementary school in the city, Knollwood Park located at 70 Gammage Street is definitely a force to reckon with in terms of academics and other aspects of learning. The school ranks among the city’s elites and is run by a group of dedicated and very caring staff members. Apart from that, the classes are housed in a modern learning environment with plenty of playing space and equipment.

Jack Chambers Public School

Last on the list is the famous Jack Chambers elementary which is located at 1650 Hastings Drive is a well-established education institution that dates back to the early 1990s. The school boasts of advanced infrastructure, great teachers and top performances within the entire province.

Other top-performing elementary schools in the area include Masonville Public School, Stoneybrook Public School, and St. Robert Catholic Elementary School among others.