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Elementary schools in Mississauga ON

Mississauga, ON is a great city with great infrastructure, unlimited attractions and plenty of outdoor activities especially along the city’s waterfront end. Town of Mississauga is also a recognized education hub featuring a well-established education system that runs from pre-kindergarten all the way to post high school. For such an education system to be successful there needs to be a strong base, in this case, the elementary school system which is required to orient young kids on their education and interaction during their school days ahead. Below is an overview of the top elementary schools in Mississauga city:

Saint Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School

Saint Albert is a top faith-based elementary school located at 7185 Rosehurst Drive in the Lisgar area. This locally famous Catholic school was founded in 1999 and has continuously offered quality education and children development programs for locals since then. The Saint Albert elementary has been subject to a complete renovation in recent years and currently boasts of having standard learning facility that offers a friendly environment for the budding students. Currently, Saint Albert of Jerusalem Elementary accommodates over 500 students spread out from Junior Kindergarten all the way to 8th Grade.

St. Valentine Elementary School

St. Valentine’s is another faith-based elementary school that has built a reputation for being among the best educational facilities in Mississauga. The school is located at 5610 Heatherleigh Avenue and is known for its friendly teachers that offer a form of personalized teaching in order to ensure all the students get where they need to be academically. The principal is also very friendly and experienced to deal with the entire St. Valentine community which is probably the reason why the school has achieved such a great reputation.

Kenollie Public School

Located at 1376 Glenwood Drive, Kenollie Public School is a renowned elementary school that offers a comprehensive elementary school curriculum to help prepare the children acquire both academic and other life skills. The list of extracurricular activities is very extensive and is designed to accommodate all learners without any discrimination.

Mineola Public School

Located at 145 Windy Oaks, Mineola Public School is known for its decades of great services to the people of Mississauga, providing quality education, fostering development and instilling life skills into their students. The school accommodates students from the kindergarten level all the way to 6th grade.
Other notable schools within the City’s jurisdiction include Whitehorn Public School on Whitehorn Avenue and Springfield Public School which is located at The Credit Woodlands.