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Family friendly things to do in Brantford ON

If you are in Town of Brantford and looking for fun activities and great places to visit within the City’s walls, then you are in for a treat. Brantford, ON is a picturesque metropolis that boasts of diverse cultural background, numerous attractions and great people. Below are some of the Brantford’s most loved attraction and activities that are Ideal for the whole family:

Visit downtown Brantford

Located on the famous Grand River, Brantford has a scenic setting and a modernized downtown core. The downtown area is home to many businesses and is a great destination for a family on a shopping spree as they offer a wide variety of shopping options ranging from gigantic malls all the way to regional farmers markets. The central courtyard, famously known as Harmony Square, which is also located within the downtown area also offers numerous activities for both locals and visitors all year round. For instance, the Square hosts community activities including barbeques and concerts and events during the summer, and transformed into a free magnificent skating park during the winter.

Hit the parks and recreation centers

Brantford city also features several heritage sites and museums for all people to enjoy. It takes pride in its 1,000-plus acres of public park areas, recreational and fitness centers, long well-maintained trails, and splash pads and more. In short, Brantford has something for the whole family, no matter what you like.


The locally famous Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre which recently underwent a huge expansion and redevelopment project is a fantastic sports complex with a gorgeous 25 and 65-meter pools, a dry land training area, a fitness center, a gymnasium, a magnificently designed 4-pad arena, tennis courts, football fields, and many other outdoor amenities. The complex offers the full pun package for the entire family.


For the golfing enthusiasts, the City has two exceptional golf courses which offer competitive matches, affordable membership plans, and several full-service pro shops.


Culture also overflows in Brantford ON. It is home to the Glenhyrst Art Gallery, which is home to many stunning artworks, and which also has a dynamic display for visitors to enjoy.

Other additional activities that you should consider during your stay in Brantford, ON includes exploring the local cuisine in the local restaurant industry, participating in the City’s events and cultural festivals,  and last but not least, visiting the numerous museums that are spread throughout the city.