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Famous people from Cambridge ON

Cambridge, ON has a rich history and prides itself in being the birthplace of some of Canada’s most famous people. Although more commonly known for its infrastructural features, and attraction sites, Town of Cambridge ON is also famous for the notable celebrities that have been born and raised there and some who were born elsewhere but reside within the city. From famous authors and sportspeople to powerful politicians and public figures, Cambridge has been the birthplace of some of the most notable names in the nation since its inception. Below is a list of the most prominent sons and daughters of Cambridge, ON.

John Errington Moss

Known for his series of Quin and Morgan novels, Moss is a renowned Cambridge born Canadian author who previously worked as a lecturer in several higher educational institutions in Canada including a 30-year stint at the University of Ottawa. Moss is credited with being an influential figure in the improvement of the understanding the nation’s literary culture as well as molding Canadian literary criticism.

R. Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is a popular Canadian born stock car racing champion who made history in 2006 after being CASCAR Super Series youngest winner in the history of the competition. Fitzpatrick was born in the beautiful Cambridge city and has enjoyed a rather successful racing career and currently competes in NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series.

Ron Shaver

Shaver is a Cambridge-born retired Canadian figure skater who is famously known for successful skating career where he was crowned the winner of the coveted Skate Canada International competition on two occasions and a one time winner of the equally famous Canadian national championship.

Donald McQueen Shaver

The late Donald Shaver was a respected pioneer in the poultry breeding industry whose company was at one point the largest poultry bleeding company in the world and one of the only two of its kind in Canada. Donald Shaver was born and raised in the “Galt region” which forms part of today’s Cambridge city.

Ian Leggatt

Leggatt is another famous name from Cambridge, Ontario. Born in 1965, Leggatt enjoyed a rather successful professional golfing career and has won the Nationwide Tour and PGA Tour once each. Leggatt retired from golfing in 2009 mainly due to injuries and currently works as a golf analyst for Sportsnet and The Summit G&CC director.

Other notable residents of Cambridge include Scott Thorman, Kirk Maltby, Raymond Brown, Jim Schoenfeld, Bryan Little, and Tim Brent among others.