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Famous people from Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Kitchener, ON is one of the most vibrant cities in Ontario and home to a vast list of celebrities, important historians, powerful politicians, and great sportspersons among others. There is diversity in culture with a rich history. Many famous people have made Town of Kitchener ON their home due to its cool and friendly neighborhoods, great public amenities and proximity to major cities. Below are some of the city’s most famous people both in the past and in the present.

Chris Johnson

Chris Omar Johnson is a famous Canadian boxer who was born in Jamaica and raised in the beautiful city of Kitchener, ON together with his five siblings. Johnson has won several medals for Canada in the course of his rather successful boxing career including the 1992 Summer Olympics middleweight bronze medal and the gold medal during the 1990 Commonwealth Games which was and still is the highlight of his career as a boxer. Johnson currently works as a trainer and coach for several renowned boxers in Canada.

Lennox Lewis

Lewis is a retired gold medalist in the boxing industry that was born in Britain but raised in Kitchener, ON from the age of 12. Despite having dual citizenship, Lewis represented Canada throughout his career and brought home over seven medals including five gold medals. Lewis is now retired and lives in Miami Beach with his family.

Andrew Poje

Poje is a Kitchener-born Canadian ice dancer who has won several world titles in ice dancing together with his partner Kaitlyn Weaver. The pair is still active though they have no plans of competing in the 2019-2020 Grand Prix competition as they evaluate their future. Poje currently lives in New Jersey.

Fitz Vanderpool

Still, in the world of boxing, Fitz Vanderpool is one of the most decorated professional boxers in Canada having won six titles undisputedly. Vanderpool, dubbed ‘The whip” by his Canadian fans, traces his roots back to Trinidad and Tobago where he was born before immigrating to Canada at the age of six years where he and his family settled in Kitchener, ON which still remains his home City.

Other famous people from the city include industrialist Carl Pollock, John Robert Colombo, Louis Orville Breithaupt, Lois Maxwell, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Tony Young (Master T), Lisa LaFlamme, Chelsea Aubry, Don Beaupre, Vivian Berkeley, Steve Dietrich, and computer expert James G. Mitchell among others. The list is quite long and close to inexhaustible.