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Famous people from London Ontario

Despite being a major technological and economic hub within Ontario, Town of London ON is also famous many other smaller but equally important aspects including the education, tourism and the now thriving real estate industry. The city also boasts of being home to many famous individuals who have popular for their great work or deeds in the local, national and international stage. Below is a list of some of the most famous past and present residents of this beautiful city:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, born Justin Drew Bieber, is a legendary singer and songwriter who only at the age of 25 has managed to build a reputation of being one of the best names to ever grace the music industry. Bieber who was born in early 1994 in the beautiful city of London, ON has produced many albums and single hits in the course of his somewhat long but still young career and in the winning numerous high rated musical awards. Though Bieber currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, he is still a Canadian national and a popular figure in his birth city.

Victor Garber

Garber is another London born Canadian celebrity who doubles as an actor and singer. He is famously for his many successful roles in various movies and films with the main ones being his appearances on the legendary American superhero movie-Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Vixen. Garber debuted his acting career at a tender age of nine and has since become one of the most recognized movie stars especially in his home country.  Garber currently resides in Southampton, NY.

Ryan Gosling

Gosling is an iconic Canadian actor cum musician who traces his roots to his birth city of London, ON. However, Gosling’s family move a lot and he ended up living in several Canadian cities during his age. His career became a success as a child and followed the same trajectory to make him one of the most famous kid stars of his time. Currently, Gosling is an internationally recognized actor who has won several awards including the Golden Globe Award. Dead Man’s Bones is an upcoming duo rock band formed by Ryan Gosling and his friend Zach Shields. The actor currently resides in Los Feliz, CA.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel, born in London, is a famous Canadian actress and activist who is best known for her role in the local films Perfect Pie and Slings & Arrows. She debuted in Hollywood in 2002, a move that saw her develop into a sensational actress. She has been nominated several for various notable awards and once won the BAFTA Award.