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Farmers market Brampton ON

Despite being largely an urban center, Town of Brampton Ontario is home to hundreds of countryside farms that supply the residents with fresh produce, poultry & dairy products, fruits and lots of other goods. These products are availed to the city dwellers through the local farmer’s markets. Below are some of the most popular farmer’s markets in Brampton and what they have to offer:

The Apple Factory Farm Market

This is one of the leading farmer’s markets in the city which despite its name, sells all kinds of products that are typical to a farmers market including fresh locally sourced produce, a wide variety of frozen and fresh meat, baked goods including their signature baked pies and fruits among other products. The store takes pride in promoting the growth and development of local farmers by selling only locally sourced products. The market is located at 10024 Mississauga Road and opens from Tuesday to Sunday, bringing the convenience of everyday shopping to the customers.

The Country Apple Store

Next on the list is another locally famous farmers market that comes in the form of a produce store. Located at 8605 Heritage Road, this store offers plenty of products including fresh apples, fresh produce, maple syrup, baked goods, apple cider, honey and a plethora of frozen goods. The Country Apple Store is the only produce store of its kind in both Brampton and Toronto and definitely one of the most loved produce shops.

Caledon Sabzi Farm

This is an indoor and outdoor farmers market that sells all kinds of produce, vegetables and wide assortment of fresh fruits from their farm. The markets also sell flowers and potted plants. All the products sold at Caledon Sabzi Farm are grown organically for the betterment of health and are of the highest quality. The market is always very organized and their prices are downright affordable. The market is located at 12050 Airport Road and is open all week from 9 am to 9 pm.

Prince Of Wales Country Market

This a popular produce market located at 2548 Embleton Road that features a wide variety of products and operates from Tuesday to Sunday. The market specializes in selling all sorts of fruits and a small selection of high-quality fresh produce at affordable prices.

Other farmers market in the city include Kooner Farms on Healey Road which specializes in selling organic produce and fresh flowers and Malhi Farm on Humber Station Road which also sells all kinds of plants and flowers and most importantly, fresh produce.