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Farmers markets in Brantford ON

Living in a big City like Brantford, or any other city for that matter, means that you’ll need a reliable source of fresh farm products, dairy products, meats, fruits and such. Since getting them directly from the farm is not much of an option, you are only left with local grocery stores and Farmers markets to choose from. Although it gets a bit difficult when deciding what option suits you best, most of the time people prefer the farmers market because they always offer the freshest products from local farms and most of the products featured are organic. Although this option means that you get to shop on specific days and the prices might be a little bit more expensive when compared to the grocery stores, farmers markets feature a wide variety of products that go beyond the basic farm products.

In some cases, you might even find ready food and drinks, baked goods, live entertainment, and kids play area within the market premises. This makes farmers markets a family friendly shopping area where you can bring the whole family for a fun filled weekend shopping. Although area of Brantford has a long list of small farmers markets and reliable grocery stores, the city is dominated by one of Canada’s oldest farmer’s market-Brantford Farmers’ Market.

This fine establishment which takes pride in being Brantford’s oldest business was established in the late 1840s and remains one of the most visited shopping areas in the City. The market serves a little bit over 3500 people each week which is pretty huge considering the fact that the market is only open for two days-Fridays and Saturdays. The market features an indoor shopping area with close to 50 stalls which are open all year round and an additional 20 outdoor stalls which are mostly open between the months of  May and October or during what is locally considered the peak harvest period.

Brantford Farmers’ Market features a wide variety of products including the obvious fresh produce, deli cuts, meats, flowers, dairy products, fresh home-baked goods, homemade prepared food, hand poured candles, freshly roasted nuts, unique crafts, and other natural products. There is also a counter serving hot and delicious lunch foods. The facility is located at 79 Icomm Drive within the City’s downtown core and easily accessible by road and offers ample onsite free parking. All these features make Brantford Farmers’ Market the best produce market for all the residents and people living near the city.