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Farmers markets in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

If you are looking for a great place to get a great supply of affordable fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and baked goods among other things, Kitchener’s farmer’s markets have everything you need and more. Below are the top-rated farmer’s markets in Town of Kitchener Ontario:

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market & Flea Market

This is one of the most famous farmer’s markets in Kitchener-Waterloo located at 878 Weber Street. The market is open for three days every week starting from 7 am to 7 pm. It is a popular tourist destination spot in ON and offers a taste of local products through the rich artisanal wares and the locally grown food by hardworking farmers. For about 50 years, St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market has been a place where people can meet, connected and transact with over 300 local vendors selling more than just produce. They have a wide range of varieties all excellently selected and always fresh, their foods are among the best you can taste while on the street and their prices are very friendly. St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market & Flea Market offers the best family shopping experience.

Kitchener Market

This market is located at 300 King Street and is well known for its natural and organic produce from local farms which are available at reasonable prices. Kitchener Market operates from Tuesday to Saturday starting from 8 am to 3 pm. It is a great spot for family meals and whole family shopping. Their vegetables and fruits are fresh direct from the farm and what more, they are organically grown which means you are guaranteed to get healthy products al, the time.  It is the best farmers market in the area with a great selection of items and the vendors are super friendly and helpful. A unique feature is that the market hosts cooking classes as well as private rentals for their customers. The mega-market is on Saturdays and the place is always busy with lots of fun and shopping.  The market also hosts various community events on their grounds to run concurrently with the market which means you can have fun while shopping.

The Sustainable Market

This is a modern online farmers market that offers just the clean farm products. Located at 275 Erb Street, The Sustainable Market operates on Friday from 3 to 6 pm selling the best local products to its customers. They have a wide variety of products which ranges from different kinds of fruits, vegetables and a slight choice of tubers. The market specializes in selling organically grown local produce. After making your order for the fresh produce you want online, you get to pick them on the market day reducing on congestion and increasing on efficiency. It is one of the most popular online farmers market in Kitchener-Waterloo.