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Gyms in Cambridge ON

Cambridge, ON is great residential city which is considered as an urban bedroom community for the larger and more developed cities nearby. This mean that the city is home to most working class people when need regular exercises and workouts to keep off the weight and ensure their bodies are strong enough to cope with the daily hardships. As such, the city of Cambridge offers a great selection of high-end Gym and fitness centers which offer modern training facilities, equipment and professional guidance to help their clients achieve their body and fitness goals. Most of these facilities offer great membership plans and extended operating hours. Below are some of the top rated Gyms in area of Cambridge:

Legendary Fitness

This fitness spot is located at 620 King Street and operates on a 24hours basis all week long. They offer premium membership plans at affordable prices. The option of a personal trainer is always on the table to ensure you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

Legendary Fitness has free Wi-Fi for their customers to use while relaxing and doing less strenuous activities. The flat screen television makes its customers feel at home and cozy while going about their fitness program. This also gives a platform to introduce new styles to its members through watching. They also provide supplements at a pocket-friendly price for all your health care. This is the best place to work out since there is no overcrowding and the atmosphere is just calm and the fact that you can visit the place anytime makes it the best choice. Coaches are friendly and determined to help you at all times.

Planet Fitness

This is fitness and health oriented center that is full of support and encouragement. It is located at 480 Hespeler Road and operates 24/7 from Monday to Thursday and for a few hours during the remainder of the week. This facility has a great atmosphere and concerned staff.  Planet Fitness offers competitive membership prices, positive environment, and excellent professionals who believe that a fitness club is an area where one needs to express themselves freely. They have a great choice of equipment including plenty of hydromassages and massage chairs.

CrossFit Cambridge

This fitness spot is located at 54 Guelph Avenue and opens on weekdays from 6 am to 8:30 pm and on Saturday from 10 to 11 am. The membership is affordable and they work in groups to ensure the people remain motivated at all times. This facility is well organized with modern weight lifts, washrooms, changing rooms and a large workout space giving you a homey feeling.