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Health food stores in Cambridge

The need to live a healthy life in terms of healthy eating is increasingly increasing the need for healthy food store around the globe and Cambridge, ON has not been left behind. This beautiful city boasts of having well-established groceries and health food stores that offer natural and organic products to the locals in a bid to promote and foster good health and good eating habits. Below are some of the most popular health food stores and organic groceries in area of Cambridge ON:

Popeye’s Supplements Cambridge

This is a vitamins and supplements store located at 580 Hespeler Rd and opens from 9 am to 9 pm on a daily basis but closes at around 6 pm on weekends. The store is always clean and well organized. Their staff is very helpful and attentive to their customers need. They use their knowledge to educate you on the supplements and their importance helping you navigate through their varieties. Their prices are reasonable and they have a large variety of items to choose from including, vitamins, weight supplements, creatine, protein, fat burners and many more.

Top Market Family Farms

This is an organic food store located at 960 King Street and opens from 10 am to 5:30 pm. They have excellent products direct from the farms which include eggs, meat, fruits, and vegetables. They have high-quality customer service with friendly and helpful staff.  Their products are local supporting the local farmers.

Full Circle Foods

This is a natural goods store located at 3 Charles Street and opens from 9:30 am to 7 pm on a daily basis apart from weekends where they close at around 6 pm. They are mostly focused on organic plant-based and animal products which are presented in environmental friendly packaging. The owners and the staff are very friendly and helpful to their customers. Their prices are affordable and their choice of products which are well arranged in the shop offers easy navigation within the store.

Good Health Mart

This is a health food store located at 640 Mohawk Rd and opens from 9 am to 7 pm on a daily basis. The store became functional in 1993 and since then it has been growing and opening branches. They store mostly deals with natural health products which include vitamins and many other health supplements and up to some point, organic products. Apart from the affordable prices and wide range of products from price renowned brands, the store is also known for their highly knowledgeable staff members who offer great advice and recommendation to help the customers buy only the best products. This is the place for all your health care needs.