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High schools in Cambridge ON

Cambridge, ON has emerged as a top tourist destination in the recent past due to its great scenery, magnificent natural and manmade attractions and most importantly due to its location. the city has also attracted a lot of new residents who see it as a perfect place of residence for its thriving business district, a well-established restaurant industry, great transport connection, top performing schools and more. To be precise, the city is a great family friendly community that is loved by many and being a renowned educational hub, the city has a lot to offer. Below are some of the most recognized high schools in area of Cambridge Ontario:

Preston High School

Preston High School, located at 550 Rose Street is one of the highly established schools in the city with an enrollment of over 1000 students from 8th grade all the way to 12th grade. This establishment which dates back to the early 1930s offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and facilities beyond their comprehensive learning programs.

The school’s facilities include over 50 classrooms, a medium sized cafetorium, music rooms, two gyms, technological studies rooms, a library, art rooms, and computer labs. Preston High School also has access to modern play areas and has been known for their dominance in sports and art among other things. Despite having received a lot of criticism in the recent past for alleged bullying several other accusations, the institution remains one of the best in the city.

Jacob Hespeler Secondary School

This is another well-established high school located at 355 Holiday Inn Drive within the Cambridge, ON. The school boasts of the state of the art facilities, great teachers and an enrollment of over 1200 students. Though not the best in the city, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School ranks among the best performing local schools in the area both in terms of academic and extracurricular activities. They boast of an ultramodern playground that is well illuminated for nighttime action.

Moffat Creek Public School

Locate at 710 Myers Road, Moffat Creek high offers a competitive curriculum that balances between educational and extracurricular activities to help the students grow and develop in all aspects. The school is located on a very spacious location featuring plenty of trees and green spaces for relaxation. The school facilities are also spacious and up-to-date.

Other notable Cambridge based high schools include Highland Public School, Woodland Park Public School, Hespeler Public School, Manchester Public School, and Elgin Street Public School among others.