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High schools in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Whether you are just moving into Kitchener, ON or you are a long time resident of the city, choosing the ideal high school for your kid(s) plays a very important role in their academic performances. Kitchener, ON boasts of having some of the best high schools which are nationally recognized for their articulate performance in academics and extracurricular activities.  In total, there are over 15 high schools both within the public and the private sector. Below are some of the most coveted high schools in area of Kitchener Ontario.

Huron Heights Secondary School

Huron Heights Secondary School is a public institution that boasts of a high academic score averaging at 75 %. The school is located at 1825 Strasburg Road and is among the best high schools in the famous Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Huron Heights is by far one of the newest high schools in the city and is designated to serving the fast-growing southern west section of the city. It has the most modern facilities in Kitchener and offers the SHSM programs on top of the regular high-school curriculum. Huron Heights Secondary School offers a wide selection of extracurricular activities and is home to students from diverse backgrounds.

Eastwood Collegiate Institute

This is a public school located at 760 Weber Street, East.  This institution which dates back to the mid-1956 not only takes pride in their impeccable educational performance but also in its dominance in the provincial football competition teams. The teachers here are very fun and caring and the level of discipline both among the students and the teachers is unmatched.

Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute

Cameron Heights is another well-established collegiate institute in Kitchener that forms part of the International Baccalaureate foundation program. The school is situated at 301 Charles Street, East. Cameron Heights is one of the only two schools of its kind in the entire Ontario area that owns and runs its own campus radio station. With the IB program, the curriculum allows students to learn and prepare for life in college and in the workforce for some. Established in 1967 Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute is one of the most coveted high schools in the city and definitely one of the best performers in all phases.

Other local high schools include Resurrection Catholic Secondary School, St. Mary’s High School, Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, Grand River Collegiate Institute, Blyth Academy Waterloo, Stanford Academy, Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School, and Preston High School among others.