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High schools in London ON

Since its conception, area of London Ontario has undergone a lot of growth and advancement in various areas with the most notable ones being the economy, infrastructure, technology, and tourism. Likewise, the education sector has also experienced its own share of growth with some of the local schools being listed as top performers in both Ontario and Canada at large. There are numerous schools within London, both private and public, that serve the locals of the city by providing quality education. The local high schools play a major role in shaping the life of students and preparing for post-secondary education. As such, it’s always important to locate a good school that will suit your child in all ways. Below is an overview of some of London’s top-rated high schools:

London Central Secondary School

Located at 509 Waterloo Street, London Central is one of the top performing schools in Ontario and has at least 1000 students all within the 9th grade and 12th-grade bracket. Though the school’s history can be traced back to around 1826 during the Grammar School days, London Central’s current structures were constructed after the 1920 fire which wiped out the previous structures. Over the years, London Central has gained a reputation as one of the fiercest schools in both educational and extracurricular competitions. It is by far one of the most coveted high schools in the entire nation.

Oakridge Secondary School

Oakridge, located at 1040 Oxford Street West, is a government-run secondary school that serves over 1000 high school students. Oakridge Secondary School was established in the late 1950s as a county high school but was downgraded to a secondary school following the 1960 expansion of London’s borders.  The school has established itself as one of the top performers mainly in academics and arts and a little bit in music. The schools Choir and Senior Band dominated the Musicfest Nationals in 2017 where they won the gold medal and later performed in Carnegie Hall the following year.

Catholic Central High School

CCH is among the oldest faith-based high schools in London. This fine establishment which dates back to the 1950s is among London’s top performers in the high school level and is known to have a more expansive curriculum featuring several extra programs which include Environmental Leadership, Music Extension, LEAP and English as a Second Language among others.

Others include B. Davison Secondary School, School Secondary Gabriel-Dumont, Montcalm Secondary School, London International Academy, and Clarke Road Secondary School.