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High schools in Mississauga ON

If you are thinking about moving into Canada or relocating from your current home within this scenic Country, you should probably consider settling down in area of Mississauga, ON for so many different reasons. To begin with, Mississauga residents are some of the friendliest and welcoming people you’ll ever encounter. Also, Mississauga offers a wide range of affordable housing in crime-free neighborhoods in family-friendly neighborhoods. For families with schooling kids, Mississauga is home to some highly rated educational institution including top performing high schools within Ontario and the nation at large. Below is an overview of the City’s most prized high schools and their locations:

Canadian Higher Learning Academy

This institution is not just your typical private high school; its an ultra-modern educational facility offering both in class and online lessons to all enrolled students within and outside Canada. All enrolled students graduate with the much sought after OSSD which is recognized and accepted by universities and other higher learning institutions worldwide. The institution prides itself in creating a student-tailored learning environment aimed at unlocking each student’s potential by enabling them to learn and finish their respective courses without too much pressure. The system is aimed at preparing students for life in college and later in the current workplace by instilling in them transferable skills through an online environment. Canadian Higher Learning Academy is located at 7517 Bren Road.

Toronto International Academy

This is another top-rated Mississauga based high school that boasts of having friendly teachers who really care about their students both in and outside the classes. The school features state of the art learning facilities a very competitive school curriculum. Toronto International Academy is located at 1140 Burnhamthorpe Road.

Cawthra Park Secondary School

Next on the list is Cawthra Park Secondary School, a prestigious public high school located at 1305 Cawthra Road which dates back to the early 1970s. The schools boast of offering a great standard curriculum and producing exceptional graduates in the field of performing arts. Ranked as one of the best public high schools within the entire Ontario area, Cawthra Park Secondary School is definitely one of the best schools you can wish for your kids.

Lorne Park Secondary School

This fine learning institution is not only known for their student’s impressive performances in academics but also in extracurricular activities like rugby and football. The school is located at 1324 Lorne Park Road and is highly affiliated with Lorne Park neighborhood, an affluent residential community of Mississauga.