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History of Brampton ON

Located within Canada’s economic engine-The Greater Toronto Area, Brampton city is a fast-growing economic hub and one of the most prominent suburban communities in southern Ontario.  Brampton’s population is around 600,000 residents and the city is considered the heart and official seat of South Ontario’s Peel Region. Being part of the coveted Golden Horseshoe area, Brampton, ON is one of the most popular residential areas in the entire country.

In the years leading up to the 1800s, the area that is today’s Brampton city was part of the historic Chinguacousy Township which was centered on Martin Salisbury’s tavern. This area which was then dubbed “Buffy’s Corners” later became what is now the downtown area of the city of Brampton. The area got the name “Brampton” in 1834 when John Elliott divided the so-called “Buffy’s Corners” into small plots for development purposes and gave the name Brampton for this new piece of development. The name was soon adopted by many locals of what was then a fast-growing agricultural center.

Brampton was formally incorporated as a self-governing village in the early 1850s. About two decades later, the village was promoted to a town owing to its untamed development and increasing trade connections. The residential development didn’t start until after the Brampton had achieved the status.

In the early 1860s, an English Immigrant started what turned out to be a very successful flower nursery, making Brampton the Flower Town of Canada. Despite the city moving on from its prosperous flower days and becoming a modern city with many achievements, its legacy as the flower capital is still maintained until today. As a matter of fact, the city was awarded the top ward for the famous Communities in Bloom Competition in 2008.

Today, with over half a million permanent residents, Brampton is home to over 180 ethnicities. It is a truly beautiful city with a huge manufacturing base, retail businesses, information, communication, and logistics technologies, thriving business services, well-established food and beverage industries, great infrastructural development, and lastly, many schools and Hospitals.

The city has a lot of attractions and attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of Canada and beyond into its budding eco-tourism industry. The city is a designated residential community for Toronto and Mississauga which explains its fast-rising population and growth in the real estate industry. Truly, Brampton is the perfect mix of business, history, fun.