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History of London ON

Midway between Detroit and Toronto near Thames River is the city somewhat small but beautiful London city of Ontario. The city boasts of a slowly rising population of a little over 384,000 residents, with most of the people hailing from the rural communities of southern Ontario including Guelph, Waterloo, Chatham, and Sarniaand. London’s fast economic growth was greatly boosted by the area’s well-established transportation industry as numerous trucking firms chose London as a vital base for their operations. Highway 401 corridor which goes through this welcoming city is the most active transportation route in Canada.

Said to have been first settled by the Europeans somewhere between 1801 and 1804, London remained a rather undeveloped area until at least after its founding as a village in 1826. Its incorporation as a town took place in 1840, followed closely by its incorporation as a City in 1855, after which the city took a positive trajectory of growth. Several industries including textile, oil refineries, flour mills, and sulfur processing plants were set up within the area.  The city also grew significantly in terms of size and population as it absorbed most of the smaller nearby communities around it through annexation.

Though London never became Upper Canada’s capital as was the intention of its founder, it grew to become the administrative center of the region found to the west of York (now Toronto), the capital itself. During its tender age, London or the area that became London was the site of several historical incidences which includes a major skirmish during the so-called War of 1812 and the infamous million-dollar fire-the first of its magnitude within the province in 1845. The fire destroyed one-fifth of the town before coming to a stop without any intervention.

Though mainly known for its many but small annexation acts, London most notable annexation took place in 1993 when it absorbed almost the entire Westminster Township, almost doubling its size. Today, London has become a progressively dynamic city and the center of many major business and entertainment centers and not to mention, the many famous people. The city is also a renowned cultural hub and education center with several major educational institutions being in the area. Famous past and present residents of near London, ON include Hollywood’s Rachel Macadams-actor, Eric Lindros, Ryan Gossling, Kate Nelligan, Hume Cronyn, Joe Thornton, David Suzuki, Tommy Hunter-musician, Skip Prokop, and Ted Gianopulos. Many local and international tourists visit this picturesque city to experience the warmth and beauty of this Canadian gem.