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History of Mississauga ON

Mississauga, ON is a magnificent city that is strategically located on Lake Ontario’s shoreline immediately next to Toronto City. It is considered by many as a prosperous bedroom community of Toronto and has a fast-rising population of over 721,600 residents. Mississauga ranks 3rd and 6th by population size within Ontario and Canada respectively.
Mississauga’s fast growth is majorly attributed to its closeness to Toronto. The city experienced great bouts of growth during the late 20th century, accompanied by an increase in the population as it attracted people from different parts of the world. Mississauga now boasts of being home to a well-established transportation system which includes major roadways and railways, and the famous Pearson Airport-Canada’s busiest airport. Mississauga also houses the headquarters of multiple Canadian and other multinational organizations.

The History of area of Mississauga ON can be traced to way back in the 1600s when the area was dwelled by the local native tribes who spoke the Algonquian and Iroquoian languages. These tribes were concentrated around the famous Credit River Valley region. These were the first people to interact with ‘outsiders’-French trader, who sailed through the area during the 17th century.

In 1805, Toronto Township was established in the area currently occupied by both Toronto and Mississauga. This land was obtained from the Mississaugas by officials from Toronto or what was then known as York. Several prominent settlement villages were established in the area before development led to the land splitting to form Toronto city on one side and the remaining forming part of Mississauga city.

Mississauga was dominated by the British during the colonial era and most of the local land was awarded to Loyalists from the Thirteen Colonies who had migrated to Canada following the American Revolution.

In the early 1900s, small cottages were built along Lake Ontario’s shoreline to serve as weekend getaway accommodations for the city dwellers. This remained the highlight of the area until the famous Pearson Airport was established 17 years later under the name Malton Airport.

Today, Mississauga is one of Canada’s leading metropolises inters of development, employment, and economy. The city is also a recognized educational hub in the county with over 50 educational institutions which including the likes of University of Toronto Mississauga, Sheridan College, and Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, all of which are coveted institutions of higher education. The term Mississaugans is sometimes used to refer to local residents of Mississauga.