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Hospitals in London ON

We all need the services of medical and health facilities every now and then regardless of whether we are sick or no. Going for regular medical checks in one of the best ways to ensure our bodies remain healthy and fully functional. London, ON boasts of being home to several diversified health care facilities that offer five-star services and rang among the best in the nation. They include the following:

London Health Sciences Centre

This London, ON-based facility is part of a local hospital network found throughout Canada which collectively forms the nation’s largest teaching hospitals for acute-care patients. The hospital was established in the mid-1990s following the amalgamation of Victoria Hospital and University Hospital. The school, in conjunction with UWO’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, trains around 2000 medical students and other medical care professionals every year. As mention earlier, the establishment is a combination of two notable hospitals and as such operates in two respective.

Children’s Hospital

This medical establishment is, in one way or the other, part of Victoria Hospital and hence part and parcel of the London Health Sciences Centre. The facility offers pediatric care services to locals within the near London ON metro area and a greater part of Southwestern Ontario. The hospital has been running along Victoria Hospital from the mid-1980s.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

268 Grosvenor Street, St. Joseph’s Hospital is a gigantic health center that boasts of having the latest state-of-the-art facilities within the medical field. This faith-based private regional hospital also boasts of having some of the best doctors and healthcare professionals in the industry.

Parkwood Hospital

This is a rehabilitation and mental care facility located at 550 Wellington Road in the beautiful city of London, ON. Though the facility has nothing much to show off in terms of infrastructure, it is one one of the most loved medical facility due to the dedication and passion of the medical team and support team that works here. This geriatric patient’s hospital is very popular with the veterans and is worth every penny you pay.

Medpoint Walk-In Clinic

Located at 1240 Commissioners Road West within the Byron Village Plaza, Medpoint is a life saver especially when your doctor is not available. Despite its small size, this walk-in clinic has some of the most dedicated medical staff. The clinic is always busy but they strive to provide prompt response and quality service.

Other notable medical facilities include London Footcare & Orthotic Centre located at 655 Wellington Road, Victoria family medical center at 60 Chesley Avenue, and Kidney Care Centre among others.