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Neighborhoods in Brantford ON

When hunting for a new home in Brantford city, you ought to think beyond the condition and price of the house. Some people don’t realize the location or neighborhood they choose can affect their day to day activities and only get to regret this when they have already moved in. Neighborhoods are as important as the house itself and choosing the right one will mean that you get to enjoy the accessibility, comfort, and convenience that comes with living in a community that perfectly suits your needs or lifestyle.

Brantford boasts of being home to 15 well-established neighborhoods which slightly differ from each other in regard to the type of constructions in the area, availability of housing, and proximity to various community amenities among other things. If you are thinking about moving to Brantford, ON of buying a good vacation home within the City’s premises, below are some great neighborhoods that you need to put into consideration.


Considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Holmedale covers a large central area of the city starting from Grand River Avenue all the way to St. Paul Avenue. It is one of the best places you can live in especially if you have a family due to its proximity to highly rated schools, parks, and other important amenities like hospitals. Most of the residents residing within the neighborhood have lived here from birth and adore this community due to its quiet nature and easy access from several highways.

Echo Place

Located on the eastern side of the city, Echo place is another notable neighborhood that spans a considerable area around Colborne Street. The neighborhood is home to several schools, one-stop shops and offers easy access to the city’s largest shopping mall. Its proximity to highway 53 and highway 403 gives the local residents a tranquil neighborhood close enough to the downtown core but far enough from the noise and hustles of the city’s ever-busy streets. This historic location is considered perfect for both the elderly people as well as families with kids.

Old West Brant

Adorned with important amenities, Old West Brant comes third on the list of Brantford’s most coveted neighborhoods. Although there is a new and growing extension to this neighborhood in the famous Shellard’s Lane area that is all urban and a little bit noisy, the original West Brant neighborhood which dominates the areas around D’Aubigny Road and Oakhill Drive is calm and serene with great trails meandering throughout the neighborhood.