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Neighborhoods in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Before buying and moving into your new home in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON there are a lot of choices you need to make concerning the type of house you want, its location/neighborhood, the price, and many other aspects like the cost of living. Kitchener city is known for its many high-end neighborhoods and it’s very hard to end up in a bad location unless you consider a neighborhood with old-buildings as such. Nevertheless, it’s always important to conduct thorough research in order to ensure you end up with a good house in a location that fits your preferences. Below is an overview of some of Kitchener’s most loved family-friendly neighborhoods and what they have to offer:

Stanley Park

This is an affluent neighborhood of Kitchener, ON that features a unique environment to live in. This tranquil neighborhood is lined with trees and surrounded by several parks including Idlewood Park and Stanley Park Conservation from which the neighborhood gets its name. Both parks offer a pristine environment in Stanley Park’s backyard. The main trails and beautiful vegetation that covers the area around the neighborhood makes it a perfect place for nature lovers, families with kids and retirees. The houses and constructions in this area are either contemporary or old but fully upgraded. Nearby amenities include a public pool, picnic areas, three well-established schools, and several major restaurants and shops.

Alpine Village

Second on the list is Alpine Village, another wealthy neighborhood of Kitchener located in the city’s southern end! The house features a contemporary housing in a calm and picturesque setting near major public amenities. This is one of the smaller neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. Despite its great features and perfect location, Alpine Village is the smallest neighborhood in the city which makes it very hard to get a home here.

Alpine Village neighborhood encompasses Alpine Park, a small but warm piece of green space that extends to the foot of the inner homes and from which the neighborhood gets its name. McLennan Park which also has a lot of features including trail, walking/cycling paths, a skateboard park, a playground, a dog park, a splash pad, and volleyball/basketball courts is also located near Alpine Village.

Other nearby neighborhoods which have as many perks and amenities as Stanley Park and Alpine Village include Forest Heights, Country Hills, Huron Park & Brigadoon, Chicopee, Pioneer Tower, and Downtown Kitchener among others.