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Neighborhoods in London ON

Finding a perfect neighborhood that meets all your preferences and needs is mainly one of the hardest parts when buying a home. This is especially true when there are lots of excellent options and areas to choose from as is the case with London, ON.  This magnificent community features great neighborhoods with classic homes designed to suit particular budgets, preferences, and lifestyle. The commute time to major service centers or place of work, accessibility from major public transport, proximity to local schools, and local activities are some of the factors that people put into consideration when choosing their ideal neighborhood in London, ON.

River Bend

Located at the northwest side of London city is the famous River Bend neighborhood which halfway surrounded by the peaceful Thames River. This residential community exhibits numerous unique features that make it the most livable London and most converted neighborhoods by many new homebuyers. Some of these features include the presence of multiple golf courses, top-rated schools, and nearness to the city’s heart of the activities-the downtown area. The neighborhood offers a perfect blend of peace and silence of sorts while still remaining close enough to the ever-active city center. Some of the main attraction in and around the neighborhood includes the famous 18-hole championship golf course, well-maintained trails, and many natural attractions.


This is another top-rated neighborhood that boasts of being home to major educational institutions including several public and private schools. The neighborhood features many other amenities and the apartments are relatively affordable.


This is a somewhat newer neighborhood within London, ON that is situated on the city’s southeastern end. Most of Summerside’s homes are relatively new single-family houses built on small plots of land. This magnificent neighborhood also offers direct access to two major parks namely Meadowgate Park Carroll Park which feature numerous outdoor activities for the whole family


Found on the western segment of London, the classical Oakridge residential area is a rather well-established neighborhood which is mainly known for its well-maintained homes and prestige. Despite having some of the oldest residential properties which were constructed in the mid-1900s, Oakridge remains one of London’s most prized neighborhoods.


Located in the south-southwest part of London, this neighborhood features uniquely classic single-family residences that collectively create the charming atmosphere of a small town. There are also some great family-run businesses within the area.  With its great access to many parks and several other public recreational facilities, Lambeth is by far one of the city’s most loved residential communities in town.