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Neighborhoods in Mississauga ON

Before buying and moving into your new home in near Mississauga Ontario, there are a lot of decisions you need to make concerning the type of house, its location, the price, and many other aspects. Mississauga is known for its many high rated neighborhoods which means that you are less likely to end up in an unpleasing place but this doesn’t mean that you should not conduct your research and come with the ideal neighborhood for you depending on your needs and preferences. And with all the choices available, it’s easy to get caught up in the selection process. Below is an overview of some of Mississauga’s most loved family-friendly neighborhoods:


Coming on top of the list is Port Credit, one of Mississauga’s top residential communities that is said to have everything anybody could ever wish for in a neighborhood. Its easy access from important parts of the city and other service delivery areas and its proximity to Lake Ontario’s shores makes it a convenience to say the least. The city has a plethora of shops, and top restaurants and is also very accessible from Toronto. There are several major attractions and beautiful sceneries in Port Credit which include Port Credit Lighthouse. All these factors make Port Credit the most loved and carved neighborhood in the city.


Mineola features multi-million dollar residences and unique custom builds homes which makes it a beautiful haven for many families and the top-class working people. The neighborhood is located within the vicinity of Lake OntarioĆ­s shoreline and has access to the City Centre. However, the neighborhood still remains hidden away in the tranquility of the city outskirts.


This magnificent community paints the picture of the perfect family neighborhood. It’s boasts of being home to great properties and ultramodern housing facilities and several parks. It is a very active neighborhood as the residents here constantly engage in different outdoor activities. The neighborhood features plenty of affordable houses which are ideal for average families.


Lisgar is almost similar to Meadowvale in terms of amenities, housing and security and not to mention that the two are direct neighbors. The only distinction is that Lisgar is a planned neighborhood with newer homes. Lisgar is, in fact, the youngest neighborhood in Mississauga. Due to its location away from the city’s noise along with its affordable cost of living and proximity to reliable public transportation, Lisgar is definitely one of the most sought after residential communities within the city.
Other top and upcoming neighborhoods in Mississauga include Central Erin Mills, Lorne Park, and Streetsville.