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Parks in Brantford ON

Known for being a popular tourist destination, Brantford ON is home to a plethora of parks, green spaces and natural reservations that are designated for recreational purposes. Most of these parks are managed by the local authorities and are open to the public free of charge while others charge a small maintenance fee. They offer a perfect weekend getaway destination for couples and families looking to spend the time together while enjoying the beauty of nature. Below are some of the top parks in Brantford, most of which are located along the scenic stretch of the Grand River.

D’Aubigny Creek Park

Just like the name of the name suggests, D’Aubigny Creek Park is a picturesque area located along the calm shores of the Grand River. This park features a wide variety of activities and facilities including picnic areas, kayaking and swimming areas, and well-maintained trails with lush vegetation. Things like canoes, small boats, rafts, and inflatables are a common sight in the park. Additionally, there are some medium-difficulty hiking zones and great playing fields which tend to be quite busy during the evenings. The park is always open from 8 am to 9 pm all week long and being a public free park, it is one of the most visited recreational areas in the city.

Dogford Park

Next on the list is Dogford Park, located at 189 Gilkison Street. This dog and dog lover’s paradise is always well maintained and particularly neat for a dog park. It is the best place to take your canine friend for a walk. With lots of dogs and friendly people around, you and your dog are bound to have a good time and make some new friends.

Mohawk Park

Despite being a slight distance off the shores of the grand river, Mohawk Park is another top-rated park that is highly complimented by the neighboring Mohawk Park Pavilion and Picnic Shelters and of course the beautiful Mohawk Lake. This public park has lots of play equipment, especially for children. There is also an 18-hole disc golf course, picnic shelters which can be rented for group occasions, lots of shades and beautiful vegetation, and a giant splash pad among other things. Both parks are well maintained and clean at all times, making this area perfect place for family reunions and family weekend outdoor fun.

Other top parks include Tutela Park, Victoria Park, Andrew W. Pate Park, Fordview Park, Cockshutt Park, Waterworks Park, and Charlie Ward Park just to mention a few.