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Parks in Cambridge ON

Cambridge’s location at the intersection point of two rives makes it a very beautiful city with plenty of beautiful wild vegetation. The city prides itself in its numerous parks and green spaces that offer a lot of outdoor and indoor activities all year round. Below is an overview of some of Cambridge top-rated parks:

Riverside Park

Located at 49 King Street West, Riverside Park is the city’s largest public park, spanning over 100 Hectares of land. Riverside Park offers a plethora of activities and thing to see things to do which include hiking/running/walking/biking along the many well-maintained trails, enjoying a soccer match, or just playing on a playground of your choice. Riverside Park also features several designated picnic areas which are free to use but can be reserved for group use. Other amenities include a grandstand, a snack bar, washrooms, and the much raved about children’s splash pad. Some of the playgrounds are lighted and can be used at night.

Churchill Park

This 27-hectare park is located at 200 Christopher Drive and is popularly known for hosting numerous local events all year long. Apart from the usual playgrounds, picnic areas trails and splash pad that are very common in local parks, Churchill Park features several unique additions namely a pond and an animal viewing area. The former is a great place to watch the ducks play and swim while the latter features a pheasant pen and a deer pen. Generally, Churchill Park is a perfect place to go for an afternoon stroll or a family day out. All nature and animal enthusiasts really like the park as everyone else.

Forbes Park

If you happen to be near Hespeler, head out to Forbes Park at 16 Kribs Street and enjoy a whopping 1.4 hectare of fun and activities. This Cambridge based park is easily accessible from downtown Hespeler and hosts the famous Hespeler Tennis Club. Amenities include playground equipment, a splash pad, and spacious play areas. There is plenty of street parking space but the park is accessible by foot.

Mill Race Park

Mill Race Park is a waterfront park located at the edge of the Grand River where 1847 mill stood several decades ago. The park features great views of the flowing waters and the beautiful vegetation along the river. The parks host a plethora of events including music festivals and concerts in the amphitheater which stand within the original site of the famous Dickson Textile Mill. Amenities include trails, picnic tables, and washrooms.