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Parks in London Ontario

London ON is located within the picturesque province of Ontario near the beautiful Themes River. The city offers a wide array of attractions and beautiful outdoor vegetation, especially along the river. Some of the most prominent attractions include museums, parks and historical structures. The local public and private parks also act as a major attraction for the locals and visitors of this beautiful city. The park offers a serene environment to spend time with friend and families while still maintaining an active lifestyle by participating in the many activities that the parks have to offer. Below are some of London’s top-rated parks and green spaces and what they have to offer:

Springbank Park

Springbank Park, Located at 1085 Commissioners Rd W, is a top-rated park and the most visited within the city. The park touches the banks of Thames River and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and picnic areas in a serene well-maintained ground. Amenities include ample parking, 2 play structures, soccer fields, swing sets, a wading pool, a pavilion, concession stand, a skateboard park, picnic areas, and most importantly, washrooms.

This remarkable park also houses the famous Storybook Gardens with its fairy tales and rhymes based entertainment. During the winter season, Storybook Gardens houses a used as a skating rink. The park is also famous with cyclists due to the many trails that meander in and out of the park.

Victoria Park

This is a magnificent 18-acre park located at 580 Clarence Street. The park offers a plethora of unique opportunities to bond and reconnect with nature as it were. The park’s location in the heart of London makes it easily and conveniently accessible. There are plenty of trees and winding trails that make the park very ideal for afternoon and evening walks to clear you mind and enjoy the calm serenity. The most notable amenities include a skateboard park, picnic areas, and clean washrooms.

During the Christmas celebrations, the park is always filled with lights, beautiful holiday decorations, and great events. Apart from Christmas, the Park also host many local annual events and it’s the site for numerous statues and plaques erected in honor of local war heroes and other public figures who made a difference in one or another.

Other parks include Gibbons Park on Grosvenor Street whose highlights are tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and a spray pad, and Westminister Ponds on London’s southern side which is very popular with both nature lovers and bird watching enthusiasts.