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Salons in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

If you are one of those people who barely have time take a short vacation due to the tight nature their work schedule, an occasional trip to your favorite Kitchener beauty salon can go a long way in helping you relax and unwind. It might not solve your problems but will definitely give you back your confidence and make you feel good.

Beauty salons in Kitchener On generally offer beauty treatments such as pedicures, Manicures, facials, and in some cases, massages. Manicures and pedicures go hand in hand and basically involve cleaning the nails in a professional way followed by the application of premium nail polish. Facials help protect your face from the pollution and harmful UV rays that dominate the atmosphere and finally massages are provided as a form of beauty treatment to help the body muscles relax.

Choosing the right salon for you is important. If you select a salon that you don’t like, you will dread going to the beauty treatments that are intended to make you feel good about yourself. To start your search you should create a list of characteristics that you want from your salon. This list should include location, price, the personality of the stylist, level, and quality of services offered, and experience and skill level of your hair stylist or attendant. Below is a list of some of the most notable Salons in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON.

Oiseau Salon

Located at 976 King Street West, Oiseau Salon is a specialist hair salon that offers a wide variety of services including haircuts, hair styling, braiding and more. The salon is run by a team of professionals who are very welcoming, qualified and experienced in what they do. The salon’s management offers all their clients with tasty treats during their stay in the salon. It is by far one of the city’s most loved hair salons.

Voila Salon Uptown

Located at 228 King St S, Voila Uptown is the oldest Voila’s branch in the area and definitely one of the finest. This ultra-modern facility features a recently renovated space with two manicure stations, three pedicure stations, one treatment room, and a nicely decorated upstairs color room. The salon also offers free on-site parking.

Others include The Den For Men, Clique Organic Salons, Luxeappeal Salon, Pure Hair Studio, Pino’s Salon & Medispa, Teknik Salon & Spa, Coco Salon, Ku’r Salon & Spa, Premier Hair Studio & Aesthetics and finally, the famous KW Nails & Beauty Spa.