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Salons in Mississauga ON

Taking care of your whole body is something that gives you confidence in a special way. Regardless of cultural background, age or gender, all people want to look and feel their best and the only sure way to achieve this is by visiting a local salon to get that massage or hairdo that you really need. Salons and Spas have increased considerably in almost all parts of the world over the years and with the competition comes great services. This means that you can easily find a salon or spa near you that offers 5-star services and this is exactly the case in Mississauga ON.

Most people visit Mississauga salons and spas for different reasons; while some need to stylish and get a lot of attention, some go there to pamper themselves and reward their bodies in the best way possible. For some, a simple visit to the nearest salon is all they can afford to ‘steal’ from their busy schedules. For such people, that simple visit to the salon is the way to get some “me time.” Below are the top salons and Spas in Mississauga that are guaranteed to give you your money’s worth:

Mississauga Massage Therapy Centre

Located at 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West, this famous massage center is great services, a calm environment, and great therapists. The prices and furnishings are okay and the wall decor is somewhat minimalist.

Sugaring & Massage Spalon Inc.

Located at 3038 Hurontario Street, this unique salon and spa offers a wide variety of body care services ranging from body sugaring, waxing, massage, hair work, and foot work, among other things. The uniquely themed rooms are very comfortable and relaxing and the staff is very welcoming and fun to be around.

ELMNT Massage

ELMNT on Arbor Road is another spa you should consider visiting during your stay in Mississauga. This contemporary massage clinic will not only win you over with their quality decor and furnishings but also with their great services that virtually outrank all other massage parlors within the city. The therapists will give you exactly what you ask for especially if you need them to concentrate on specific areas. Everybody who walks through the doors of this fine establishment only have praise for the people and services offered here.

Other notable salons in the city include Massage Addict, Fortelli Salon & Spa, Village Hair Studio, Ariyo Thai Massage Clinic, Shazam Hair Studio Ltd, and Top Image Salon & Spa in Longwood.