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Shopping in Brampton ON

A city of Brampton’s size and stature, the world-class shopping scene is something that you’d expect and that exactly what Brampton, ON has to offer. The city boasts of being a  thriving economic hub that is driven by major industries, large corporations and a plethora of other business. Being a major contributor to the economic prominence of the Greater Toronto Area and Canada at large, Brampton Ontario is a renowned shopping destination in the country. Below are some of the most loved shopping centers and stores in the city:

Bramalea City Centre

This is a gigantic shopping mall in the historic city of Brampton that spans a total retail space of way over one million square feet and over 300 stores. As a super-mall that is designated to serve the entire Peel region and beyond, Bramalea City Centre is categorized among the nation’s largest shopping malls and severs over half a million residents which is pretty much the city’s entire population. The mall receives over 16 million visitors each year.

Plans for the establishment of the mall started way back in the 1950s when Bramalea was still a small and developing independent town.  Construction started in the 60s and it wasn’t until the early 70s that the initial phase was completed. The mall continued to grow and was completed in full in 1973. The mall underwent major expansion since the 1974 amalgamation of Bramalea into Brampton city with the last phase of expansion coming in 2010. The mall currently offers the perfect shopping destination not only for the goods and services but also for food and entertainment.

Shoppers World Brampton

Located on Main Street, Shoppers World Brampton is another gigantic super mall in the city of Brampton that features around 190 stores including some famous names like Winners, Canadian Tire, and Staples among others. The mall is mostly loved due to its convenient location near the downtown core.

Trinity Common Square

This is an unusually large outdoor center located along Great Lakes Drive in Brampton city. With over 60 stores, the mall is one of the most popular local shopping destinations in the city. The mall is strategically positioned to serve the fast-growing northern Brampton area and the neighboring Caledon town. The mall first opened in 1999but construction and expansion continued until 2004.

There are plenty of medium-sized malls in Brampton that also offer quality in their great selection of products services. These shopping centers include the likes of Brampton Mall, Centennial Mall, SmartCentres Brampton East, Kennedy Square Mall, SmartCentres Brampton Northeast, Bramrose Square, SmartCentres Bramport and WestBram Plaza.