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Shopping in Brantford ON

Being a renowned tourist destination, Brantford Ontario has also developed into a designated shopping destination for both locals as well as visitors looking to carry with them a small piece of the city. As such, the city houses some of the largest shopping malls in the province as well as smaller shopping complexes that offer quality products, impeccable services and most importantly, great prices. Below are some of the shopping spots you ought to check out during your stay in the ‘Telephone City.’

Lynden Park Mall

Though slightly small for a Mall, Lynden Park Mall is one of the top shopping destinations within Brantford for someone looking for a reliable one-stop-shopping complex. Located at 84 Lynden Road, this mall offers a wide variety of stores that offers impeccable goods and services, a clean food court featuring a vast variety of food options, resting areas where you can hang out with friends, drink a cup of coffee, read a book or get some work done, and last but not least, a great grocery store with fresh farm products to replenish your kitchen. The prices are quite remarkable except for a few overprices items here and there.

Brantford Commons

Located at 290 King George Road, Brantford Commons is another top shopping destination for all your daily shopping needs. This medium-sized shopping plaza offers a wide variety of products and stores including a grocery selling fresh local produce, fresh meat and all sorts of dairy products. They offer great products and the prices are downright affordable, to say the least.

Value Village

This a contemporary thrift shop located in Brantford that sells low-priced second-hand household items, footwear, clothing, furniture, and books. Despite being a profit organization, Value Village donates most of its proceeds to various designated charity organizations in the city and beyond. The store is located at 595 West Street and has hundreds of sister stores nationwide which makes it one most notable employers in the country.

Party City

If you are shopping for party supplies, Party City located at 410 Fairview Drive is the place to go. Despite being termed a little expensive, Party City features everything you might need in any kind of party including stuff for kids. The services are average but their products are of great quality.

Other top rated stores include Surplus Furniture & Mattress Warehouse, The Bicycle Shop, Bridal Boutique, Patricia’s Fashion Choice Ladies Wear, re-Source Thrift Shop Brantford, Brant Mini Mart and Corr Blimey’s British Shoppe among others.